Psychotherapy EFT

  • Psychotherapy (EFT): also called acupuncture without needles, was established in 1970s in the USA. Later on extended by Gary Craig in 1990s it has became a unique technique, which has been reported successful in thousands of cases.


    Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT therapy) can really help with a wide range of emotional, health and performance issues such as:

    Anxiety & Stress
    Exam nerves
    Fear & Phobias
    Panic attacks
    Relationship issues
    Chronic pain
    Weight & Eating disorders.

  • counselling and psychotherapy

  • eft therapy

  • It is based on the premise that your body can hold negative emotions, traumas and tension in certain organs and places. If not released, they can cause blockages in the body’s energy system and eventually lead to illness, pain or emotional imbalances. By tapping with fingers on certain accupunture points on the face, torso and hand while tuning into the problem in your mind these negative emotions and unwanted habits can be released.

    Although Emotional freedom technique has some similarities with Neuro – linguistic programming, it’s a very unique technique combining ancient knowledge of acupuncture and meridians system with deep relaxation techniques and often works when nothing else will!

    Marketa is a fully qualified and insured counselling and psychotherapy EFT therapist with over 15 years experience in helping people overcome phobias, addictions and traumas.

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