EFT For Anxiety!



Anxiety and stress are arguably two of the worst afflictions and catalysts of many dangerous diseases that plague our health today. Anxiety leads to stress and enough stress makes you vulnerable to ailments like heart disease and strokes. The cause of anxiety could be as serious as post-traumatic stress disorder or as simple as the troubles with everyday life. Regardless, anyone can fall prey to both, as they do not discriminate.

For all intents and purposes, it would not be true to say that anxiety is a modern day occurence. It goes back to the nomadic days when humans were said to be either hunters or gatherers, and also where the fight or flight mentality was adopted. This mentality still vaguely exists within the minds of people today; if we ever feel threatened in any way our adrenaline kicks in so we can escape. The trouble is that in this day and age, we are not running from wild animals anymore.

The true problem arises when our state of minds are perpetually stuck in this mentality. Like a broken record, your mind just keeps repeating the same ideas, convincing you that something is out to get you, something is going to get you, when in reality, it’s just you alone with your own thoughts and fears. Millions of individuals struggle with this very issue.

While there are many ways to treat this, they often involve continual medication or even more at times, which is necessary if you do in fact need medication and/or therapy. It’s always good however to know all of the available options. Even if you choose to stay where you are, you’ll at least know what’s out there and why you are choosing to do what you do as opposed to something else.

Anxiety & Stress, The Two In One

The origins of this duo as they manifest themselves in a person can be decided by a combination of nature, our genetic makeup, and nurture, meaning how we grew up, how and where we were raised, etc. If you grew up in the bustling streets of London your tolerance for stress will be vastly different than someone who grew up on the quite country side. If you factor that in with family dynamics alone, things get complicated rather quickly, but often you can indeed trace back to find the unconscious source or cause of your anxiety. Such things aren’t always so obvious however.

By not confronting the source or perhaps even forgetting there is a source can lead to numerous mental and health problems down the road. You become more susceptible to sickness, blood pressure goes through the roof, and you put yourself at risk of grave diseases.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is one of those relatively new options for a healthier stress free life, achieved by rearranging the short-circuiting which takes place when under high levels of stress and anxiety so that one can experience a form of relief.

Alternative For Stress Relief

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) works to reprogram mental circuitry, i.e. stop that broken record in your mind. It is based on traditional acupuncture but without the infamous needles. This method is meant to provide treatment not only for emotional pains but the physical as well, claiming that it decreases negative feelings, by focusing on certain parts of the brain that discern whether the mind should be in a state of fight or flight, whether it should feel threatened or not. Though close to meeting enough criteria to be fully acknowledged as a form of treatment based on evidence, EFT remains in what can be considered beta form.

This form of treatment is not difficult to undertake. It consists of tapping on various parts of the head such as the crown, top of the nose, under the nose, under the eyes, on the chin, to name a few places. This reduces feelings of panic and increases feelings of well-being. It is also used to mediate food cravings as well as positive goals.

In addition to this, there are statements of affirmation meant to be said in conjunction with the tapping, which are available to help you tune into your problem(s). Success regarding EFT is somewhat dependent on there being two people who participate in the practice together. In general, the practice is meant to be done multiple times of the day such as when you wake up and when you go to sleep.

There is of course much more to this treatment as it reaches beyond mere practice and straight into the realms of a generalised and common philosophy dealing with every day life.

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