Pregnancy Reflexology Can Ease Maternity Issues

Pregnancy can be a wondrous time for a woman and a source of much celebration and excitement, but it is also a time of change. The physical and mental changes associated with being pregnant are well documented and affect women in different ways and to different degrees. Pregnancy reflexology is the perfect natural solution to a number of maternity issues.

Because pregnancy has an impact on your whole body, it can be genuinely beneficial to take a holistic approach to antenatal care and consider therapies that take into account the connectedness of your body’s systems.

Whether you need support with physical or emotional issues, you’ll find pregnancy reflexology offers a relaxing and soothing experience that will give you time to focus on yourself and your developing baby.

Not only that, reflexology in pregnancy will support you both mentally and physically as your body goes through the natural but sometimes demanding changes that lead up to your baby’s birth.

To help you understand how maternity reflexology can help you, we take a closer look at this natural and holistic therapy and how it relates to pregnancy and birth.

What are the benefits of reflexology in pregnancy?

Complementary therapies are a selection of disciplines that work with each other and with conventional medicine to provide diagnosis, healing and remedy. The range of available complementary medicines is wide but popular, and effective examples include Reiki, EFT and homeopathy. Reflexology is another example of a complementary therapy that is both safe and effective right through your pregnancy.

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Reflexology has been around for a long time. Originally practised by ancient civilisations including the Chinese, Japanese and Native Americans, this therapy can help with a range of antenatal conditions. If ever there was a time you would appreciate a gentle foot massage, pregnancy has to be it.

However, reflexology offers far more than relaxation. It works on the understanding that certain areas of your feet mirror defined areas of your body, and it is the gentle manipulation of these that makes reflexology in pregnancy so effective.

Is reflexology safe during pregnancy?

Pregnancy can be a time when you are particularly aware of not just the needs of your own body but also the health and safety of your growing baby. For example, you might reconsider your diet and be more careful about your usual medicines or exercise regimes.

It is important to talk to your doctor or midwife if you have health concerns, or are making big changes to your lifestyle but many hospitals and surgeries now include access to complementary therapies such as reflexology in health recommendations.

Pregnancy reflexology offers a completely non-invasive approach to healing and is a natural choice for many women. During your initial consultation your highly experienced therapist will chat with you about your pregnancy experiences so far, check your medical health and put together an individual treatment plan, designed especially for you.

Your health and the health of your baby will always be the priority during any complementary treatment.

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What are the benefits of reflexology in pregnancy?

As well as being safe and relaxing, pregnancy reflexology can offer relief from many of the physical and emotional symptoms you may be experiencing as you nurture your baby. You might be surprised by some of these, for example reflexology for constipation can be very effective and solve a debilitating problem that many pregnant women face.

Other benefits of maternity reflexology include:

  • Relief from backache and aching joints
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Reduced stress levels
  • The avoidance of post natal depression

For many women the presence and combination of symptoms during pregnancy can lead to it being a difficult and stressful time. It doesn’t have to be like this, and reflexology can help redress some of the balance you feel you’ve lost.

As you continue with your work and home life, you deserve all the support you can get to ensure not only that your baby has the best start in life but also that you view your pregnancy as a positive experience.

Regular reflexology sessions are a great way to make sure you get some ‘baby and me’ time, as well as keep your body and mind in tip-top condition in preparation for your baby’s birth.

Can reflexology help induce labour?

As the time of your baby’s birth approaches, its due date will seem more and more important. This is only natural but it is very common to go past this date without labour starting, and it is important not to worry.

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Should your medical team feel intervention is necessary to start your labour; there are a variety of safe and tested medical options available. Some women choose to take a complementary approach to labour induction through reflexology but this should only be considered on advice from your midwife or doctor.

Whatever your due-date, as your baby’s birth approaches you may feel apprehensive, physically uncomfortable and less able to sleep at night. By keeping reflexology sessions going right up to your baby’s birth and even after, you’ll give yourself a greater chance of being able to relax and cope with the changes to come.

Complementary therapies and pregnancy

Reflexology is only one of the complementary therapies that might be able to help you with the emotional and physical roller coaster of pregnancy. If a natural and holistic approach appeals to you then pregnancy reflexology can be a really beneficial way to experience healing and restoration.

For expert help in combating various mental and physical issues using homeopathy, reflexology and psychotherapy, get in touch with us today.

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