7 Reasons Why You Should Use Foot Reflexology

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Reflexology is a method of therapeutic treatment founded on the theory that specific parts of the ears, feet and hands act in accordance with other areas of the body, and that by massaging the certain parts of the ear, foot or hand, positive effects occur within the body part the reflex area is linked to. The idea is that the human body can be sectioned off into 10 zones, and that pressure applied to one zone, in turn affects an entirely different zone, making the body a chart of reflex zones that alleviate pain and relieve you of unnecessary tension.

In a typical foot reflexology session, the practitioner will touch certain areas on the patient’s feet or hands, while using their fingers to thoroughly massage the sensitive areas on all sides and parts of the foot. It is said that the nerve endings essentially become clogged with acid, which feels like tiny crystals deep within the skin.

Participating in this form of alternative medicine (which if the matter is serious, should be used in conjunction with traditional medicine), you can experience pleasure while simultaneously improving your health.

1. Pain Reliever

Reflexology, much like acupuncture, causes the brain to let go of chemicals that work to reduce pain, and thus being effective in reducing stress and anxiety, stimulating relaxation, along with getting rid of pesky migraines and nagging aches. When used along with conventional medicine, reflexology compliments and therefore enhances the beneficial effects on pains like arthritis and body aches in general.

2. The Lack of Bad Side Effects

There is absolutely no backlash in trying reflexology. The treatment is said to awaken the senses to new sensations, liberate the mind, freeing it from all negativity.

3. All Natural

This is one of the most appealing aspects of the therapy. It is a healing system that does not require oils, rubs, pricks, pills, or anything else. It’s used to treat problems regarding health in a natural way. There are many methods used in reflexology to get the desired results for a wide number of ailments, and no invasive procedures are necessary.

4. Establishes a Sense of Balance

Reflexology is a multifaceted practice. Not all practitioners believe in the idea of crystals lodged deep beneath the skin. There are others who consider those crystals to be an obstructed energy called qi. They believe it is there where pressure is put to certain areas that link to specific parts of the body, intending to eliminate those energy blockades, seen as the sources of frustrating disease and pain.

The goal is to bring the body into balance. When practitioners massage different parts of the foot, they are of a mind to remove the energy blockers, by means of deeply massaging into the specified areas. This is said to restore balance to the energies and usher in the healing.

5. Relieves Symptoms from Chemo and PMS

Some studies suggest that nausea, vomiting, and anxiety that occur in patients who suffer from cancer and undergoing chemotherapy, may be somewhat relieved by reflexology treatment. The same can be said about menstrual cramps along with premenstrual syndrome.

6. Improves Blood Circulation

Those who practice reflexology assert that these in-depth massaging techniques can have a positive effect on the blood supply by scattering the crystal clumps that clog up around nerve endings, causing a form of congestion. By massaging the areas of the foot blood circulation can be greatly improved in connected areas of the body.

7. You Can Do It!

At least the basics, that is. It’s rather challenging to implement the majority of the practices related to reflexology by yourself. If done at home you can perform a few simple movements on your hands and feet to release a bit of tension in your body. There are also plenty of books and lots of information online you can use to expand your knowledge on the subject. For the best results however, you’re advised to seek the help of a professional reflexologist who has the skills, experience and understanding to correctly match the needed treatment with right application.

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