• Reflexology is a non-invasive and safe, traditional healing system which was used by many ancient civilizations and cultures including Japan, China and the Native Americans

    In case you didn’t know, it involves the gentle massage of the feet and you can use reflexology for anxiety, stress and an whole host of other ailments including:

    Depression and Mood swings
    Neck and shoulder problems
    Joint problems and circulation
    Fertility issues
    Hormonal imbalances
    Digestive disorders
    Disturbed sleep
    and much more.

  • reflexology for anxiety

  • reflexology massage

  • A typical appointment lasts approximately 50 minutes and after a short but in-depth consultation your therapist will put together a treatment plan that most suits your symptoms and needs.

    Apart from working on certain reflex areas on feet and hands mirroring the whole body, reflexology is great for relaxation. When your muscles, tendons and ligaments relax, it releases tension, stress and it helps your body to detoxify. The immune system is boosted, increasing energy and vitality.

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