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Marketa teaches all 3 levels of Reiki with our in-depth Reiki training courses up to and including Masters Degree. In our reiki workshop you will learn how to use Reiki to heal yourself and others as well as how to apply the knowledge of Reiki healing and Energy system in daily life in a very practical way.

Her classes are small, which enables students to focus on practice and follow the teaching in an understandable and practical way. We also operate an individual approach to our students, which means your personal questions and interests in Reiki will be met.

The techniques in our classes provide a more traditional Reiki experience following in the practices of the Usui Reiki System.
She focuses on deep understanding of Energy as well as traditional preparation for attunement. Click here for more information on Reiki courses.

Reiki Courses

Level 1 Reiki: Level 2 Reiki: Level 3 ( Masters) Reiki:
This is a one-day Reiki training course for beginners where you will learn:

• A basic knowledge of energy healing
• what is Reiki energy
• hands on positioning
• body energy systems and chakras
• history of Reiki

You will also learn basic meditation and relaxation techniques as well as how use Reiki for your personal needs and self healing You will receive four attunements.

After 21 days you will return for a free secondary consultation to check your progress.

Price: £200

In Reiki 2 you will be introduced to symbols used for:

• focusing Energy
• treating emotional issues
• distance healing
• absent healing

You will gain a deeper knowledge of energy, your own energy levels and your healing abilities will be enhanced. At this level you will receive two attunements. You will learn how to empower your intentions and how to use the symbols in daily life. This course will also focus on deeper meditation techniques and visualisation skills.
You wil be also able after the completion start your own practice.

Once again after 21 days we will give you a free consultation to check your progress.

Price: £250

Reiki 3 is intended for those who are even more committed to energy healing and who perhaps wish to teach Reiki in the future.
You will be given the knowledge of:• the final Reiki Master symbol
• how to access higher energies
• how to teach Reiki to others
• how to attune people into ReikiYour own vibrations will be again raised, which will allow you to access higher energies. You will receive three attunements. The focus of this course is on practice and you will gain knowledge of how to teach Reiki to others.Once again after 21 days a free consultation is available to enable us to check on your progress and deal with any issues you may have.Price: £500