• ”I saw Marketa for various health issues (from stomach problems to fatigue to hormonal issues) and I didn’t know where to start with it all! After taking a really thorough history from me she identified that detoxing my body from the contraceptive pill was the place to begin, before we went onto anything else. I would have never thought of this as I haven’t taken it for years so didn’t even think about it’s continued impact on my health. I definitely had detox reactions but each time Marketa listened to my experience and adjusted doses accordingly to make things more manageable for me. I now have much better health and energy in general and my menstrual cycle is so different-my PMS symptoms are less and the pain is much lessened.”

    ( Daniela, 40) 

    ”Marketa’s caring attitude made me feel very comfortable. After two courses of treatments my sciatica was gone, my asthma has improved so I don’t need to use the inhaler now. I also don’t suffer from constipation anymore.”

    ( Evelyn, 64) 

    “EFT helped me to shift some trauma from my childhood so I’m not so depressed now and I could start working again.”

    (Christine, 42)

    “Since having regular reflexology treatments, my anxiety is now not so severe. I also don’t feel so stressed and depressed.”

    ( Steve, 42)

    ”I suffer from polycystic ovarian syndrome and didn’t have my periods for more than a year. Nine treatments triggered my period. My severe sciatica has improved enormously to.”

    (Josie, 32)

    “Since having regular reflexology treatments, my anxiety is now not so severe. I also don’t feel so stressed and depressed.”

    ( Shane, 42)

    ”I strongly believe in reflexology. At the age of 47 I became pregnant again even though I thought I couldn’t have children again due to my age. I also had regular Reiki treatments to support my pregnancy.”

    ( Priti, 47)

  • ”I sleep much better now. I used to wake up in the middle of the night and couldn’t go back to sleep. After two treatments I slept well again.”

    ( Elizabeth, 74)

    ‘Now I understand why people have reflexology done. It’s so relaxing.”

    ( Katka, 32)

    ”I suffered from horrible lower back pain. I couldn’t sit in front of the computer for long and also driving used to be a big problem for me. After three treatments I didn’t feel any pain anymore. I continued the reflexology treatments and didn’t suffer from back aches even during my pregnancy.”

    ( Michelle, 29)

    ”As a teacher I have to use my voice a lot and before having regular reflexology I usually lost my voice three times a year and suffered from bad sore throats. This year it happened just once and I feel generally healthier.”

    ( Liz, 33)

    ”Course of treatments triggered my monthly periods while before I had them only every two month. My mood swings and PMT also calmed down and pain in my shoulder as well as migraines are practically gone.”

    ( Sarah, 30)