reflexology for back pain
Sarah, 30

”Course of treatments triggered my monthly periods while before I had them only every two month. My mood swings and PMT also calmed down and pain in my shoulder as well as migraines are practically gone.”


( Sarah, 30)

reflexology for fertility
Daniela, 40

”I saw Marketa for various health issues (from stomach problems to fatigue to hormonal issues) and I didn’t know where to start with it all! After taking a really thorough history from me she identified that detoxing my body from the contraceptive pill was the place to begin, before we went onto anything else. I would have never thought of this as I haven’t taken it for years so didn’t even think about it’s continued impact on my health. I definitely had detox reactions but each time Marketa listened to my experience and adjusted doses accordingly to make things more manageable for me. I now have much better health and energy in general and my menstrual cycle is so different-my PMS symptoms are less and the pain is much lessened.”

Daniela, 40

eft meaning
Josie, 32

”I suffer from polycystic ovarian syndrome and didn’t have my periods for more than a year. Nine treatments triggered my period. My severe sciatica has improved enormously to.”

(Josie, 32)

reiki practitioner herts
Elizabeth, 74

”In looking for a homeopath near me I found Marketa, and I sleep much better now. I used to wake up in the middle of the night and couldn’t go back to sleep. After two treatments I slept well again.”


( Elizabeth, 74)

reflexology for anxiety
Katka, 32

‘Now I understand why people have reflexology done. It’s so relaxing.”

( Katka, 32)

reflexology for sleep
Michelle, 29

”I suffered from horrible lower back pain. I couldn’t sit in front of the computer for long and also driving used to be a big problem for me. After three treatments I didn’t feel any pain anymore. I continued the reflexology treatments and didn’t suffer from back aches even during my pregnancy.”


( Michelle, 29)

homeopathy for shingles
Liz, 33

”As a teacher I have to use my voice a lot and before having regular reflexology I usually lost my voice three times a year and suffered from bad sore throats. This year it happened just once and I feel generally healthier.”


( Liz, 33)

homeopathy for weight loss
Priti, 47

”I strongly believe in reflexology. At the age of 47 I became pregnant again even though I thought I couldn’t have children again due to my age. I also had regular Reiki treatments to support my pregnancy.”


(Priti, 47)

homeopathy for constipation
Christine, 42

“Since having regular reflexology treatments, my anxiety is now not so severe. I also don’t feel so stressed and depressed.”

Christine, 42

homeopathy for ibs
Annie, 29

“I had been suffering from PCOS for a few years, which caused severe cystic acne and digestion issues. After exhausting all types of skin treatments, I decided to turn to a homeopathic clinic near me. I was recommended Marketa and after a year of monthly visits, I’ve never looked back. Marketa made me feel at ease straight away and explained the next steps to take to detox and recommended supplements that would help too. I have been seeing Marketa for a year now and my hormonal health has improved massively. I am no longer suffering from cystic acne, my periods are regular and my digestion is back to normal. I also feel so much better in myself and more energised. Above all, Marketa is so lovely to speak to and goes above and beyond to understand your needs and concerns.”


Annie, 29

homeopathy for depression
Alec, 66

”When searching online for homeopathy London I came across this website. I first consulted Marketa after an illness required me to take prescription medicine and I wanted support for my system whilst I was doing so. Her homeopathic remedies and advice on vitamins and minerals have helped, not only in detoxing from said drugs but have also improved many other aspects of my overall health and well-being. My G.P. never really got to the bottom of what caused my illness but I suspect that a contributing factor was worry and stress, as many ailments are. Marketa treated me as a whole person rather than just the symptoms that I was suffering and as a result my mood, spirit, digestion, sleep pattern etc. have all shown a remarkable improvement. I look forward to our regular consults, when we discuss my progress and she adjusts the remedies accordingly. I find that Marketa’s cheerful and positive nature is a remedy in itself. ”

(Alec 66 (Feel more like 56)

homeopathy for thrush
Evelyn, 64

”Marketa’s caring attitude made me feel very comfortable. After two courses of treatments my sciatica was gone, my asthma has improved so I don’t need to use the inhaler now. I also don’t suffer from constipation anymore.”